Write new measures with Chat GPT?

If you want to develop new measures with DAX, you need to be familiar with the programming language. But it’s good if you can describe your problem and have it formulated as a question. Then nothing stands in the way of using artificial intelligence and you can let such services work for you.
Since data security is very important, especially in Germany, native functions within Power BI cannot be fully used because the data model including the data has to be loaded into the cloud. Services like Chat GPT accommodate this as they only send the question without the data model. In this way, measures can be developed quickly and easily.

As an example here, only the 3 highest products by sales should be shown in a graphic.
After you have registered for free on the Chat GPT portal, all you have to do is enter the question and transfer the source code to a new key figure within Power BI. After creating the visualization and inserting the key figure there, the task is completely accomplished. This technology saves you a lot of time researching the functions.

The model is very simple, as only one table is used for simplicity:

The question for the portal is just as simple, but it is important that Power BI is first so that it can be recognized

power bi, i need a measure which calculates the top 3 product by the overall amount inside the table table1

Now you get the code for the key figure and an explanation of how it comes about

Now you can insert the code into a new measure and work with it. To meet the requirements, it still requires a filter.

It is also important to ensure that no metadata is sent to the portal. It is therefore not known which data types the individual columns have.

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