Paginated Report Visual and exporting data for printouts.

The story is very simple, but it is often needed. In this case, you have a Power BI report and your Sales managers needs reports, which can be used offline. In Germany we like Printouts 😊
So, I created a Power BI Reports which connects to a database and provides insights to each customer. But  this report is not designed for print out and the consumers want to analyze the data, and if needed, they want to generate a printout with some needed data.

When you build a Power BI which should be re-used with Paginated Reports, you should build explicit Measures, because with RS you cannot build implicit Measures. This report is published to the service, because with Paginated Reports you can connect to this dataset and so, you must not rebuild the model. Now I have created a Paginated Reports which connects to this data model which shown below.

Now I created the reports which are designed for printouts and saved them to the service.

Next, I used the Paginated Report visual inside of Power BI Desktop and embedded the Paginated Report with the Company Name property as the parameter. I also activated in the properties of this visual the Toolbar (needed for exporting) and the auto-apply of filters.

After publishing this Power BI Report again, it looks like this and your Sales managers can analyze the data and, export the needed information or print out the pages:

So, I think it is very useful to re-use your datasets, because your model only exists on time, and this makes the maintenance a little bit easier.

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