Power BI Adoption?

I read so much about the Adoption of Power BI in the past. Microsoft released to this topic a great article, but I read so less about the use of the “get help” information. On the most tenants with I am worked in the past, the URL’s referring to the standard Microsoft websites and the business users do not use this information, because the most did not understand these topics … It is also hard to figure out, which department is responsible for the license assignment. Imagine that you want a Pro license – which person do you want to ask for it? You can ask your manager, but if he agree that you get one, what is the right process to get one? The URL’s can help you out. At the tenant settings you can customize these links:

There are four options:
1. Training documentation
2. Discussion Forum
3. Licensing requests
4. Help Desk
You find these at the Admin Portal -> Tenant Setting -> Get Help
Here are the endpoints:

If you modify the links, you must take care of the maintenance of the websites and keep the content up to date.

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